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puppet exhibit

Exhibit of Nick Barone's puppets at the Puppeteers of America Pacific Southwest 1996 Regional Festival

A special thank you to Puppeteers of America Vice President Steve Abrams for providing information about many of the museums on this page.


National Theatre Museum
Josefplatz #1
A-1014 Wien (Vienna Austria)

Richard Teschner Collection at the Austrian Theatre Museum - Vienna



Musee de la Vie Wallone



Musée Canadien des Civilisations (Canadian Museum of Civilization)


Czech Republic

International Institue of Marionette Art - Prague

Muzeum Loutkarskych Kultur (International Marionette Museum)
Bretislavova 75
Phone: o455/42-047



Musée de l'Automate, Souillac, France - Souillac, Lot
Collection of automatons and mechanical toys from the 19th and 20th centuries. Most come from the Roullet-Decamps workshops.

Musee National des Arts et Traditions Populaires
6 du Mahatma-Gandhi (Bois de Boulogne)
75116 Paris, France
Tel.: 722-07-41

Theatre du Petit Miroir's Taiwanese Puppetry Exhibition and History



Munchen Stadtmuseum (Museum of the City of Munich)
Puppentheatresammlung der Stadt Munchen
St Jakobs Platz 1
80331 Munchen (Munich)
Phone: (089) 233-2482
This is the biggest permanent collection and exhibit of puppets in the world - over 5,000.



Sparhareion Museum of Shadow Theatre
22 Argonafton St
15125 Maroussi
Phone: 802-7185



Wayang Museum
Fatahillah Sq
Jalan Pintu Besar Utar 27



Teatro del Drago Permanent Museum of the Monticelli Collection - Ravenna



Jusaburo Tsujimura Museum - Ningyocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo. "Ningyocho", which translates literally as the "city of dolls", is a place where the atmosphere of old Tokyo still remains.



Museo Nacional del Titere (National Puppet Museum)
Parque Juareez No 15 C.P. 90500
Huamantla 90500
Tlaxcala, Mexico
Phone: (52-247) 2-10-33

Rafael Coronel Museum
Calle Chevano
Zacatecas, Mexico



Puppetry Museum - Vorchten, Gelderland



State Central Academic Puppet Theatre
3 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya
Phone: 299-3310



Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre

There is a permanent display of 100's of puppets from around the world, old and new, which you are welcome to come and see.
8-10 Balcarres Avenue,
Glasgow, G12 0QF.

Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre - Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre, Scotland’s primary venue, gallery, training centre and resource in this field has compiled a touring exhibition of masks and puppets.



Le Musée Suisse de la Marionnette - Fribourg


United Kingdom

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood
Cambridge Heath Road
London E2
Phone: (0181)-980-2415
This is a branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (currently closed for restoration)

Horniman Museum
100 London Road
Forest Hill. London S.E. 23 3PQ
Phone: (0181)-699-1872
They have an excellent set of notes on each type of traditional puppet.

Polka Children's Theatre
240 The Broadway
Wimbledon, London England SW19 1SB01
Phone: (0181)-543-4888
Exhibits the collection of Waldo & Muriel Lanchester and more.

Theatre Museum (branch of Victoria & Albert Museum)
Russell St
Covent Garden
London WC2
Phone: (0171) ˆ836-7891



The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry at The University of Connecticut

Boston Public Library
Rare Book Collection (Dwiggins Marionettes)
Boston, MA

Bread & Puppet Theatre Museum
Box 153 Route 122
Glover, VT 05839
Phone: 802-525-3031

Carnegie Museum of Art: Christian Jankowski's Puppet Conference

Forum Gallery of the Carnegie Museum of Art
Christian Jankowski, whose slightly mischievous works have appeared in the Berlin Biennale (1999) and the Whitney Biennial (2002) has made a new video work for Carnegie Museum of Art. The piece, titled Puppet Conference, is a video record of interactions that ostensibly take place at a "symposium," where famous puppets have gathered to discuss the vocation, celebrity, and private lives of puppets. Filmed at Carnegie Museum of Art, this conference, brings together a panel that includes a number of internationally known television puppets, including Grover from Sesame Street, Fozzie Bear from the Muppet Show, and Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop, familiar to generations of viewers since her first appearance with Shari Lewis on Captain Kangaroo in 1957. The panel also includes Mr. Shelby from The Magic Woods, a new Pittsburgh-based children's environmental education program.

Center for Puppetry Arts Museum, Atlanta, Georgia

COPA - The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA) is dedicated to promote, to preserve and to advance the international art of puppetry.

Bil Baird Puppet Collection, at the Charles H. MacNider Museum, Mason City, Iowa

Kukla, Fran, and Ollie from the Chicago Historical Society Online Exhibition

Detroit Institute of the Arts: Punch's Progress, a Century of American Puppetry Detroit, Michigan

Open Hand Theater Traveling International Mask and Puppet Museum, Syracuse, New York

Pittsburgh Children's Museum
1 Landmark Square
Pittsburgh, PA
Margo Lovelace collection of puppets, also a Mr. Rogers Exhibit

Vent Haven Museum - Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Whitman College Sheehan Gallery Bunraku exhibition -- Walla Walla, Washington -
a catalog is also available for purchase



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