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Polymer clay marionette from D. B. Puppet Productions, used with permission.
Copyright D. B. Puppet Productions, all rights reserved.


 Association Québécoise des Marionnettistes

Includes information on UNIMA-Québec.


British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild

The Guild holds regular meetings across the United Kingdom at which members can exchange views, gain experience through workshops and watch performances. Its aims are to protect and promote the skills of puppetry and Model theatre, to improve the standards of puppetry in all its forms, and too establish a basis of communication between its members, in both Great Britain and all parts of the world.


The Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA) is dedicated to promote, to preserve and to advance the international art of puppetry.


 Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers

The Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers is a nonprofit and nondenominational organization dedicated to promoting puppetry arts in Christian ministry.


 Institut International de la Marionnette

Includes information on schools and workshops


 International Ventriloquists Association

World-wide association for ventriloquists


Ontario Puppetry Association

The OPA promotes and fosters the art of puppetry in Ontario Canada through supporting the work of its members and providing a forum for puppeteers and enthusiasts at all levels.


 PINZ - Puppetry Info New Zealand

Puppetry Info New Zealand is a communication and support network for New Zealand puppeteers and related artist set up after the 1st NZ Puppet Festival in 1986.


Punch and Judy College of Professors

The basic aim of Punch and Judy College of Professors is the pursuit and promotion of the highest standards of performance and presentation of traditional Punch & Judy. It has also initiated a number of activities in celebration of Mr. Punch and its web page holds a wealth of information about Punch and Judy.


Punch and Judy Fellowship

The Punch and Judy Fellowship is probably the largest puppet organisation in the UK having close to 200 members and strives to bring together in convivial fellowship those Punch and Judy professors and others concerned with the preservation and continuance of the highest standards and traditions of the show.


 The Puppet Centre Trust

A puppetry support and reference organisation for the United Kingdom


The USA-wide organization that, along with affiliated guilds, promotes and encourages puppetry

Recontre Regionales de la Marionnette
(Nord Pad-de-Calais)

La section régionale de Thémaa (THEâtres de Marionnettes et Arts Associes) - France
The regional section of Thémaa (THEâtres de Marionnettes and Arts Associate) - France


UNIMA - Union Internationale de la Marionnette

The world organization concerned with the Art of the Puppet Theatre

UNIMA - The International Organization's Website

List of International Centers of UNIMA

Verband Deutsche Puppentheater e.V. (German puppeteers)

Created in 1968, a union of German puppeteers and theaters - Berlin


The Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy

Worldwide organization of Punch performers and Punch fans


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