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Hand Shadow Puppets, from Stage Hands Puppets. Used with permission.


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Charlemagne Press

The imprint of Coad Canada Puppets, with books on puppet construction, production and staging techniques, bioagraphies of puppeteers, educational puppetry and the Grapevine Telegraph.

Puppet Books from Ray DaSilva
The leading supplier of puppet books, relating to all aspects of puppet theatre including Punch and Judy, shadow play, model (toy) theatre, puppet theory, history, construction methods, performing techniques, the uses of puppetry in education and therapy, and puppetry world wide.

Puppet Building Books from Nick Barone Puppets
A nice collection of puppet books relating to puppet building and performance and lists of puppet building and performing tools and supplies.

Puppetry Books
A short bibliography of well known puppet books.

The Language of the Puppet from UNIMA-USA
Order the landmark book that brought together 19 top puppetry performers, artists, and scholars from three continents to create a work filled with relevant essays and beautiful pictures.

Books available from the Dallas Puppet Theater
Here you can find some of the terrific puppets, puppetry books, and puppet making supplies that you need without having to leave your home.

Puppeteers of America Puppetry Book Store
Offering over 200 puppet and puppet related books, pamphlets, scripts, patterns, video and audio tapes, The Pupperty Store serves all levels of interest in the art of puppetry. Beginning puppeteers to professionals will find instructions on how to make hand, rod, shadow and marionette puppets as well as information concerning stage construction, play writing, puppetry in school education and religious education, and puppetry with special age and special needs groups.


Mailing Lists

Animatronics Email List

Join the list to talk about animatronics.

Puppetry Practice

A list for puppetry practice within the United Kingdom Health Education and practitioners

Puppet Happenings from The Jim Henson Foundation

National and New York City listing of puppet performances from The Jim Henson Foundation.

PUPTCRIT Puppetry List

PUPTCRIT is an electronic forum for the discussion of the aesthetics, history, experience, theory and praxis of puppet theatre.


Newsgroups, Bulletin Boards and Message Forums

rec.arts.puppetry (Google group link)

rec.arts.puppetry is a newsgroup dedicated to discussing puppets of every type and about any application that uses them. Topics can cover any area in which puppets of any kind are employed. These can include, but are not limited to: marionettes, hand puppets, rod puppets, combination puppets (such as muppets), radio-control or automatic puppets such as animitrons, shadow puppets and others. Discussion of venues using puppets, including both professional, such as the Muppet Show, Thunderbirds, Fireball XL-5 and other SuperMarionation productions, etc, and amateur are also welcome. Appropriate topics would include how such shows are produced, puppet man- ipulation techniques, voices, electronics used in puppetry, and can even verge onto computer animation where input or output comes from puppets.


rec.arts.henson+muppets is a newsgroup devoted to discussions about the Muppets and any Jim Henson and Jim Henson Productions creations.

The British Puppet Guild Message Board

The aim of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild is to promote the skills of Puppetry and Model Theatre. This is a message board for the guild and interested parties.

Tough Pigs Forum

Home of discussion boards on Muppets and Puppetry, with your forum host, Daniel J. Horn.

Muppet Central Forum

Home of discussion boards on Muppets and Puppetry.

Punch Booth Message Board

The Punch and Judy community message board.

Yahoo Animatronics Group

A Yahoo list is intended for the discussion of animatronics and other robotic systems used in theme parks and movies. Other topics pertinent to this list might include theme parks, haunted houses, movie special effects, and show control.

Yahoo Christian Vent Group

Ventriloquism/Puppetry related mailing list dedicated to Christian puppetry.

Yahoo ChristPup Group

This group is for anyone interested or involved in puppetry related to Christian ministry.

Yahoo Clay Animation Group

A Yahoo group dedicated to stop-motion and clay animation.

Yahoo Dark Crystal Group

A fan group dedicated to Jim Henson's, "The Dark Crystal".

Yahoo Marionette Group

The Marionettes list is dedicated to providing a forum for professional and amateur marionette artists and puppeteers worldwide.

Yahoo World Vents Group

The World Ventriloquist Association list is dedicated to providing the finest forum in ventriloquism for professional and amateur ventriloquists worldwide.

Puppetry Sites with Activities for Children

On-line Performing Arts Workshops with Tim and Tanya

Tim and Tanya Chartier offer an on-line workshop on turning anything into a puppet.

Puppet Crafts for Kids from About.com

Puppet Craft patterns and projects links assembled by About.com.


Online Magazines Devoted to Puppetry & Related Subjects


Czech Puppetry Magazine (subscription available, some online archives)

Proptology Online

Articles from The Journal of Props Professionals. Includes Ronnie Burkett's Papier Mache recieps and Thurston James' PropChem 101, both essential reading for puppeteers.


A German language magazine about puppetry.


Other WWW Sites

Children's Literature - Resources for Storytellers

Internet resources for storytellers.

No Strings Attached

The Robert Hall Memorial Baptist Church Puppet Group website, with information on making puppets, using puppets, staging, scenery, forming a group, raising money and more.

la PáGiNa dEl TiTiriTerO

Puppetry resources in Spanish


Since 1997, performers.net has been online for international variety performers to meet, network and share ideas.

Puppets & Stuff

A community on the web for puppeteers. Free web pages, chat, and searchable databases.

Takey's World Wide Directory of Online Puppet Companies

This is an amazing compendium of puppet companies with websites. If your page isn't listed here, contact them.


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