What's New?


Recent additions to The Puppetry Home Page:


February 11 , 2006

We have gone through the entire site and checked all links. Many were found to be broken and were removed. Some old links were updated and a few new links have been added.


February 5 , 2006

We have begun uploading revised pages. Some of the pages may appear different than others for a short while.

We are begining to check links and review every linked site for content. Due to the number of links on The Puppetry Home Page, this may take some time.

January 26, 2006

We have begun making major revisions to The Puppetry Home Page. It should be up and fresh again soon (soon is such a relative term).

The Puppetry Home Page Classifieds are closed. We've been overwhelmed recently with cell phone ads. Non-puppetry related ones at that!

The Puppetry Festivals page has been updated.

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